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Friendly, welcoming and cozy are only a few words to describe this brightly yellow painted, quaint hotel that offers the perfect retreat for those looking for relaxation. Surfers Manor prides itself in being secluded, intimate and quiet. It is a place to come to when you want to unwind and become one with nature. The warm atmosphere, beautiful tropical décor, comfortable accommodations, scrumptious meals and a little bit of adventure are all integral parts of a break at this laid-back hotel. Located in Eleuthera Island Shores, Gregory Town, the Manor is a perfect location from which to venture and discover all of Eleuthera's natural wonders and attractions. Enjoy a short scenic nature trail from Surfers Manor to the world famous Surfer's Beach on Eleuthera's northern shores. Surfer's Beach has been compared to Hawaii's thunderous shoreline and is becoming just as sought after by devoted surfers and amateurs alike. It is where you can ride the waves, boogie board or snorkel the cove.

Guests can also search for pirates' treasure at the Hatchet Bay Caves, which was rumored to be a favorite playground for pirates and now fascinates geology fans with its stalagmites formations. Alternatively, enjoy the stunning panoramic view of the Glass Window Bridge, relax in the natural saunas of the Queen's Baths or tour the Pineapple Fields in Gregory Town. We recommend renting a vehicle prior to arrival so that you will be able to explore the 110 miles of the beautiful island of Eleuthera.

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Restaurant & Bar

Our restaurant specializes in the creative cooking of mouthwatering Bahamian and American cuisine. For a casual dining experience, Surfers Manor Restaurant and Bar is located next to the lobby. Our restaurant and full service bar provides authentic Bahamian meals that rival any on the island. Inspired by the splendor and availability of the freshest local ingredients and products, we present one of the best seafood dining on the island. From lobster to conch, our chef provides a unique blend of spices and herbs to ensure the unique tastes of Eleuthera. You can try out such foods as peas ‘n’ rice, cracked conch, or our Bahamian “rock lobster”. Enjoy the taste of fresh fish combined with the seasonal spices and you are sure to have an appetizing experience! Our menu also provides a variety of traditional American cuisine that you can enjoy at the table or at the bar watching your favorite show or sports event on our satellite TV. The menu includes appetizers, salads, and sandwiches that you can enjoy.

We also boast one of the best stocked bars on the island. Come and enjoy our friendly bartender and have one of our many exotic tropical drinks. Have a Kalik! The beer of The Islands of the Bahamas. A light wheat beer that will make you doubt drinking dark beer again! From spirits, wine, beer, and juices, we most likely will be able to cater to any variety of drinks you may have to request. Better yet, make up your own drink and add it on to our bar menu…. that is, if it tastes good!!

Our hours of operation are:
11:00 AM - 8:00 PM (Closed On Tuesday)
(Reservation only for dinner)





To & From The Airport At: ( $60.00 one way)

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